October 2006

October 2006
Posted on 23/10/2006

The Hanna Sisters

New single, Album and Tours on the way

The Hanna Sisters have stepped blinking into the sunlight after recording their new album, ABOUT TIME. Their new single  "Princes Port" will be released on October 24th and will be followed in early spring with the release of the album. A string of Irish and Scandinavian dates is lined up for February and March 2007, but more details will follow in due course.

The three Armagh sisters reckon themselves that this is the album that’s been trying to get out since they got into the music business in the first place. ABOUT TIME really is new ground for the Hanna Sisters (Breige, Nuala and Mary), an album they’ve written for themselves as much as for anyone else.

“Princes Port" is perhaps the most poppy song on the album but as you would expect with a band immersed in the traditional scene in their formative years there is a definite Irish edge to it. Jackie Hayden of Hot Press magazine has expressed his delight with the tracks he’s heard so far, saying:

"The Hanna Sisters offer us classy, intelligent pop songs, tastefully blended with their exhilarating Irish traditional musicianship, all topped off with their fine harmonies. Irish radio needs records like this."

Apart from the birth of the album, the girls have been busy over the last year or more with the arrival of three babies, Breige having twin boys Jack and Tom and Nuala having welcomed Pádraig shortly after. Ironically they believe that the new arrivals have actually helped them with the new album. "We knew that we had time to get it right on this album once we became aware that touring was going to be severely curtailed. Nature needed time to run its course" says Mary. "We were able to focus on the songs and the music and we’re delighted with the end result. A case of life imitating art I suppose ".

"Princes Port " was written while the girls were touring and at their home in Armagh. They then proceeded to record at Rodzarc and Amberville studios with backing musicians whose names are like a who’s who in the Irish music scene, including Liam Bradley (percussion), Nicky Scott (Bass). and Johnny Scott (Guitars)  Production was a collaboration of the ideas of Rod McVey and the girls themselves.

More information will follow on the Album release and tour dates.

For more information on the new single “Princes Port” and B side “My Angel Knows” please contact MNB Records on 07733 225511 or info@hannasisters.net
Princes Port will be on sale exclusively at www.thehannasisters.net