To those of you who are old friends we hope you managed to catch us on tour.To those of you who are new friends we hope you enjoyed our gig and are enjoying our CDs. We've been busy writing new material, more of which later!

To those of you who are visiting for the first time we are an Irish band of three sisters whose music is modern with a Celtic twist, but make up your own mind, listen to the free downloads and give us your comments. Our CDs 'About Time' & 'Echolocation' are available for sale through the website if you want to hear more.

We hope you all enjoy the site and our music.



Piano, Vocals
The eldest of the siblings Mary is perhaps easiest to pick out as she has retained her distinctive blond hair. She learnt to play piano and guitar at an early age and became obsessed with all things musical. Mary plays piano on the albums and provides lead vocals on most of the tracks. She has a powerful and distinctive voice and her love of music is more than obvious when she takes to the stage.


Violin, Vocals
Nuala is the middle child in the family as well as the band. While she is an accomplished piano and tin whistle player, the violin (or fiddle) is the instrument which she really fell in love with and excelled at. The combination of this instrument and Breige’s tin whistle give the Hannasisters music a distinctive Celtic edge. Has also been known to provide percussion in the shape of the bodhran and bongos in live performances . Watch out for her lead vocals on tracks 4,5,7 and 10 on “About Time”


Tin whistle, Violin, Vocals
Second youngest in the family but the baby of the band Breige plays Tin whistle and violin on most of their recordings. An extraordinarily talented whistle player she is considered to be among the best of her generation. In their live show Breige often bewilders the audience by moving seamlessly from one instrument to the other Watch out for her lead vocals on track 3 on “About Time”.

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