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Posted on 08/02/2007

Sunday 31st December 2006

By Ivan Martin

The Hanna Sisters are hoping for great things in 2007.
The trio from Co. Armagh have been recording in recent months.
Now it is time to release the album and hit the road.
The girls have been working on their debut album for some months. The plan is to have it available by March.
A taster came out in November. It was a track called ‘Princes Port’ which was lauded in the music press and beyond. It also demonstrated that the Hanna Sisters were radio friendly. I interviewed them on U105 at the start of this month and afterwards had a larger then usual number of enquiries about how listeners could buy the single.
That can be done at
The girls are also hoping to release another track from the forthcoming album towards the end of the next month. By then it will be passports out and off to Denmark.


After some European dates the girls return to the home front. Their first theatre date here is at the Market Place in Armagh on February 28.
Then in March there are shows in the Burnavon in Cookstown, Ballybofey, the Waterfront and the Riverside in Coleraine. Derry and Enniskillen have been pencilled in for May.
It is a busy schedule for the three girls. Especially as they have to factor in growing family commitments. Trips to Europe inevitably mean periods of separation but the Hanna Sisters realise it is the price of success.
“Denmark was where we first sampled any sort of real success” says Nuala
“They keep inviting us back and we are always delighted to accept that invitation. We have enjoyed writing and working on the album. In doing it we have tried to stay true to ourselves”
“But it is a bit nerve wracking once you put your work into the public forum. However the positive reaction to date has been very encouraging”
Hopefully 2007 will be as successful as it is busy for the Hanna Sisters.
Mind you having a radio friendly album in the pipeline should give their career a major boost.