Perfect Ten - The Impartial Report

Posted on 08/02/2007

30th November 2006

By Brian O’Loughlin

The Hanna sisters from Armagh, Mary, Nuala and Breige, released a single at the end of last month and are planning to come to Fermanagh to play for their fans here next spring (no date or venue have been fixed yet). They already have a link to the county, through Nuala’s husband (Gabriel O’Keefe is from Newtownbulter) and that single, Princes Port, which was digitally mastered by Robin Robbyns at Mid Atlantic Digital in Enniskillen. This is the girl’s top 10, a joint effort.

Sand and Water,
Beth Nielsen-Chapman (Mary)

From the album of the same name, a powerful moving song in which the American song-writer pours out her grief and feelings following the death of her husband from cancer in 1994

Property of Jesus
Bob Dylan (Mary)

From the Shot of love (1981). He uses only one chord (Bb major) throughout the verses and gets away with it, as only Dylan can!

All you Need is Love
John Lennon (Mary)

John Lennon captures the fundamentals of life in this spiritual lyric. He wasn’t the only John who talked about love – John’s gospel.

Black is the Colour
Christy Moore (Nuala)

A very simple but beautiful song. It’s difficult to choose from Christy’s collection but this has to be my favourite of all.

Dire Straits
Romeo and Juliet (Nuala)

A classic song that will never die. Written and performed by Mark Knopfler, one of my favourite songwriters.

U2 (Nuala)

Simple lyrics but a powerful song. Released November 1991, my first year at university. An Anthem for youth, reminds me of the good old student days.

What’s the story in Balamory!
(Breige and Nuala)

Definitely not our favourite but probably the most listened to track at present, since the arrival of the kids!

99 Red Balloons
Nena (Breige)

The first vinyl record I ever bought, so obviously it holds some sweet memories. On top of this it is a catchy tune. Never thought much about the lyrics at the time, but on reflection very appropriate.

Piano Man
Billy Joel (Breige)

A pure classic. This song gives a great insight into the lives of everyday people. Not only about how they see themselves but how others see them. Deep but  true.

Mull of Kintyre
Wings (Breige)

One of the best songs ever written in my opinion. A tribute to a beautiful and tranquil place, and you can feel yourself being carried there each time you listen to it. (I bet Paul McCartney wishes he was there recently!)