About Time from the Hanna Sisters- The Anglo Celt, Top Notes by Octave

Posted on 25/02/2007

Thursday 8th February 2007

By Peter O'Hanlon

The Hanna Sisters are a trio of ladies from country Armagh who have turned their collective backs on teaching careers in order to pursue their musical dream. Later this month the Hanna Sisters will release their new album ‘About Time’ and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy. The ladies had their first release from this album last October titled “Princes Port” which was very well received by all accounts. Let me just put a couple of things into perspective, the Hanna Sisters write and perform their own material, are multi-instrumentalists, all share the vocal duties and are graduates of the University of Ulster Jordanstown. As well as all that two of the trio are also mums.

Added to all that they have this new album which is about to bring its own work including an Irish tour starting later in the month as well as a trip to Scandinavia. Wow, is about the only thing to say to all that. So, back to ‘About Time’ and the first thing that struck me is the wonderful vocal harmonies that are scattered throughout this recording. There are hints of Corr-esque touches which is not bad thing. By that I mean the Hanna Sisters have very much included their musical roots with some beautiful musical accompaniment. The overriding strength of ‘About Time’ is the lyrics of all the songs, which are sung with real conviction. I really enjoy uncomplicated, well composed and performed music and ‘About Time’ has all of these attributes. The Hanna Sisters will be in concert later this year in the Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen so when I get all the dates I will pass them on.